Travertine is a natural stone and its maincomponent is limestone. Travertine is from the limestone family, is also known as travertine marble and travertine limestone. Travertine is made of calcium carbonate,and in most cases found in the form of deposits near warm or hot springs. Most commonly, travertine is used to make flooring and countertops, and also can be used in exterior decor, as well as in tub surrounds and showers. As travertine is porous with numerous holes, its holes need be sealed, in case it is to be used as a building material. 

  • Golden Vein Travertine, Iran
    Golden Vein Travertine, Iran
  • China Yellow Travertine, China
    China Yellow Travertine, China
  • Silver Grey Travertine Dark, Iran
    Silver Grey Travertine Dark, Iran
  • Coffee Travertine Light, Iran
    Coffee Travertine Light, Iran
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